"The challenge of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes." Marcel Proust


I am an artist working in various mediums; watercolour, oils, and acrylic paint. My subject focus is mainly landscape, working along the East Kent coast. I try to find unusual features in a place, such as old groynes, sea walls, or World War 2 sites. Sometimes, I seek to capture the specific day and its light. I am very much into a sense of place and the moment, particularly water, is another dimension and holding its secrets from us. My works are all original watercolour or oil on linen. the are no prints apart from one screenprint.. see gallery… the only way I can send watercolour through the post is in a custom tube. You will have to buy a frame, mount, and glass. Oil paintings come in a flat parcel sent by courier. Please visit my gallery to make a purchase.

My Artwork

I am principally a landscape artist who works in various mediums, Watercolour or oil paint being my go-to choices. Occasionally I  screen print, collage, and use neon to create works. I used to work plein air at one time, but other duties mostly confine me to the studio as I get older. Watercolour needs a fast response to what is happening on the paper involving many decisions as the work develops, turn your back on it and the image can change dramatically as paint and water merge to create new shapes. Oil paint is a  more plastic medium, it can be pushed around on the canvas, added to, and lifted off with a rag to create texture. Of the many shapes of canvas, I prefer the square, it just seems to give a compact feeling to my work…. Thanks for reading, enjoy my gallery.